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At ALT, we collaborate to build the path forward with people, process, and technology.

Join us as a fellow member and thought leader.

ALT addresses real problems facing the legal tech industry through pertinent networking, relevant education, open collaboration, and innovative problem-solving methods, including Legal Design Thinking and Neuro-Learning techniques.

ALT develops members into technology leaders by providing tools to realize their potential. Our conferences are designed to equip each attendee with the knowledge, the materials, and the peer network to tackle today’s toughest legal tech challenges.

We know the importance of building your network and being current with today’s hot-button topics. These regional events are designed to help you get connected to important new contacts, nurture existing ones, and address the ever-changing legal landscape. Please click here for upcoming meetings in your area!

ALT is a catalyst for career advancement. The ALT Founding Circle credits their success to association connections, and subsequent opportunities, they experienced along their career path. Please click here if you are interested in exploring new opportunities.

New to the legal tech industry or a veteran, everyone has an opportunity to learn from their colleagues. Join ALT and let the mentor program guide you! Would you like to be a mentor? Please click here to learn more!

Our members are thought leaders.

A thought leader collaborates, speaks out, and is a partner on this journey.

ALT is an experience; the more you put in, the better the path will be.

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February 2018, Scottsdale, Arizona.

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